United Artists for Doctors Without Borders

by Fivos Valachis & United Artists



One month ago I came up with an idea of collaborating with various artists and friends to create an album to raise money for "Doctors without borders".


released December 12, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Color Your Life, Orange - Paolo D'Emilio & Jaime J Ross
by Jaime J Ross - https://soundcloud.com/jaime0223

Feel the music deep inside
Let it reach your soul
Close your eyes, embrace it
Breathe and just let go

Do not worry who may watch
Or worry what they'll see
Take my hand and my heart
Come and dance with me

Follow me, I'll lead you
Trust that I'll be here
With every step, I'm by your side
Relax and have no fear

Close enough to feel your heart
Beating next to mine
Together, together...perfect rhythm
I thought I'd never find

Patiently I waited
I knew you'd come along, you'd come along
I waited, I waited for the moment
And for the perfect song

So now we dance together
Not searching anymore
Our bodies fit so perfectly
As we glide across the floor

Dance with me...I promise you
You won't be lost again
I'll stay with you...forever
Until the music ends
Track Name: Color Your Life, Orange Song- Robyn Youlten & Chris Scheri
by Robyn Youlten - https://soundcloud.com/robynyoulten

Softer t han the summer rain
Silent as when roses bloom
Gentle as the wind's caress....you came....
As gentle as a lullaby
As tender as a lover's kiss
There's never been a love like this...until you...

You coloured my whole life with love
Our painting glows with warm desire
Erased the shadows from my life...my love...
When all the world seemed out of time
You changed the rhythm and the rhyme
The days,the hours are yours and mine...my love...

My shipwrecked soul was lost at sea
You shone your light and rescued me
together we have reached the shore
You've always been my destiny!
The golden orange summer haze
The rainbow of our deep love stays
The winter of my heart is past
You've always been my destiny!!

You are my destiny!!(2)

Softer than the summer rain
Silent as when roses bloom
Gentle as the wind's caress..you came...